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Glitter Up! A Review of The Sparkliest Glitter Nail Polish I’ve Ever Tried

It’s sparkly, it’s pretty, what’s there not to like about glitter nail polish?✨ It’s also super forgiving in terms of application- you could paint your nails with nothing but uneven strokes and get away with it. Uneven coverage and such would hardly be noticeable at all underneath the blanket of glittery specks. But can a glitter nail polish be, dare I say it, too glittery? ? In this article, I’ll be talking bout my experience with one of the sparkliest, most glittery nail polish I’ve ever tried so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in- read on!

Introducing the Sparkliest Glitter Nail Polish I’ve Ever Tried

To be honest, the product isn’t a traditional “glitter nail polish” per say, but more of a nail art manicure set. But it does include a nail polish of sorts and glitter so for simplicity’s sake, I’ll be referring to it as the “glitter nail polish.” Made by the company Ciate, the kit is officially referred to as a Sequin Manicure kit- I see where they’re coming from, the texture of the glitter pieces do resemble sequin in a way. ? And when I say glitter pieces, I’m talking about thick, big, glassy pieces- nothing like that small stuff in glitter glue.

The set that I had was silver but according to Amazon, they do seem to have the kit available in other colors. I like silver though- it’s nice and classy (and goes well with everything).

How to Use Said Glitter Nail Polish

The idea of it seems pretty straightforward- you apply a “sticky” base coat and dip your nail into a container of glitter while it’s still wet. That’s the tldr; version anyways. Here’s the full set of instruction if anyone’s interested:

1.) Ensure your nail bed is clean and oil free by wiping with nail polish remover

2.) Apply one coat of the enclosed Ciate glitter grip to your nails

3.) Working one nail at a time, apply a second coat of the Ciate glitter grip and delicately roll the wet nail into your pot of Sequin Coat

4.) Gently press and compact the Sequin Coat onto your nail bed, sweeping away any excess with using your little black brush*

5.) Once finished, complete with a top coat of the glitter grip and leave your nails to completely dry for 15-20 minutes

6.) Done!

*The little black brush is included in the kit

My Experience with the Glitter Nail Polish

If I can share just one piece of wisdom regarding the product, it’s this- cover your desk with paper towels or something because it’s going to get messy!! Glitter can be fun to put on but a nightmare to clean up, trust me! Okay now with that out of the way…

Glitter nail polish

Into the glitter it goes!

I followed the instructions and applied one layer of the Glitter Grip polish onto my nails and let it dry- it went on just like a regular base coat, no big deal. After it dried is when I started to work one nail at a time. I applied a second layer of the Grip polish onto my nail and proceeded to dip it into the container of sequin glitter while it was still wet. I have to say, it’s definitely a funny feeling, plunging your fingertips into glitter like that- it kind of reminded me of when we got to play with sparkles in Kindergarden.

glitter nail polish

What my nail looked like before brushing off the excess glitter

Big, prominent, silver flakes covered my nails and surrounding skin as soon as I lifted my finger out; my then decorated nails reminded me of none other than Lady Gaga herself! But as I moved my hand, sparkles were already starting to rain down onto my desk from my nails- shoot, that’s right! I had to press down and compact the glitter, d’oh! After doing so, it seemed to stick better to the nail, thank goodness. There was still a bunch of sparkles stuck on my skin around the nail (so much that you could barely see the contour of my nail at all) but the little black brush that they included helped with that- I used it to dust off the extra glitter. Afterwards, I sealed it with another coat of Glitter Grip.

Glitter nail polish

Glittery…right? 😉

Voila! Super duper sparkly sequin glitter nails!


I could see someone going to a party with this glitter nail polish on- it’s flashy, it’s fun!…but it’s not especially practical. The glitter holding power of the polish, while present, is probably not going to be strong enough to last through everyday activities- not to mention that you might leave a trail of glitter along behind you as well. ? So, if you’re looking for something a little unique and fun for an event or something, this might be worth a try! But if you’re looking for something a little bit more practical with longer lasting power, traditional glitter nail polish is probably a better choice!

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