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What Everyone Outta Know About Spray On Nail Polish

In this day and age, technology and ease of use are seen in nearly everything, beauty products included. Ever heard of spray on nail polish? This fast trending product is changing the way we do our nails at home and we’ve discovered exactly what everyone outta know about this fascinating spray on nail polish!

First and foremost, what exactly is Spray On Nail Polish?

Basically, spray on nail polish is nail polish in a can. Or more specifically, it’s an aerosol spray that can be used for home manicures. There are many pros for using the spray- for one thing, it will help to eliminate the messy drips of a traditional brush (something which we’ve all experienced, I’m sure). Also, as long as the spray can is held straight, you should be able to achieve even coats every time! Another thing is that, spray nail polish dries super fast- in just under two minutes, so no more waiting around restlessly for your polish to dry! ☺

China Glaze Spray on Nail Polish

The Nail Spray Purple Shimmer from China Glaze is a simple spray that paints your nails leaving them looking elegant and professionally done. Easy to wash off skin, you will be showing off your nails in no time!

Applying Spray On Nail Polish

In order to use spray on nail polish, there are a few things you will need to get started. To properly use a spray on nail polish, you will need the following:

• Small piece of cardboard or newspaper

• Clear base coat and top coat made by the same manufacturer as your spray on nail polish (most often sold separately)

• Timer

• Gentle hand soap (to remove any spray on polish that is on the skin)

To get started, you should first wash your hands. Have a quick read through of the directions for use before you begin. Regardless of the brand you are choosing to use, you should always read the directions for use thoroughly before you begin.
After you are familiar with the directions, you can begin!

1.) Paint each nail with the base coat and let dry.

2.) Once your base coat is dry, lay one hand flat onto the cardboard or newspaper.

3.) Hold the spray can approximately 10-15 cm away from your nails.

4.) Spray in a sweeping fashion across your nails and ensure you are holding the can straight in order to achieve an even, non-drip coat.

5.) Allow to dry and set your timer for 90 seconds. (Drying time is just under 2 minutes but if you have a fan or a nail dryer the drying time will be cut in half.)

6.) Repeat the previous steps on your other hand.

7.) Once both hands are dry, apply the top coat for long lasting wear.

8.) After your top coat is dry, wash your hands in the sink to remove any spray on nail polish that is on your hands. (Do not wash your hands until the top coat is fully dry and ensure you avoid scrubbing the actual nails when you wash your hands).

9.) Once any excess polish is removed, you will have a perfect home manicure that you have easily done yourself in just about 5 minutes.

It is important to note that any spray on nail polish can be messy to use. In order to prevent a mess, do not wear long sleeves when using these types of products and make sure you only spray the product when your hand is on the newspaper or cardboard. This will help keep the nail spraying process quick as well as you will not have a mess to clean up after use.

Congratulations on your new spray nail polish manicure! If applied correctly, there should be a bright and matte finish. 😀 When applied together with a base and top coat, you should easily be able to get at least 4 days of wear out of the manicure. Of course, you can also give yourself a touch up at the end of the week should you feel that you need it or want to continue with the chosen color.

However like many things, a manicure must come to an end eventually. When you are ready to remove your spray on nail polish, you can do so just as easily as traditional brush nail polishes. All you need is an acetone based nail polish remover and a few cotton pads or cotton balls.

Spray On Nail Polish Removal

To remove your polish, simply follow the instructions below:

1.) Dip a cotton ball or cotton pad into the nail polish remover.

2.) Once the cotton has soaked up a small amount of the polish remover, directly apply the cotton to one of your nails.

3.) Rub the cotton across your nail until all the color has been removed. (The more layers of nail polish you have on your nails, the longer it takes to remove.

4.) Repeat on each of your nails until all of the nail polish is gone.

5.) Use a fresh cotton ball or cotton pad on each nail for best results.

Now your nails are ready for another quick and easy home manicure! ? It goes without saying that beauty advancements can help make our lives easier and give us more time do to other things. When you have something as simple and fun as a spray on nail polish you will find that you look forward to your next home manicure. Not to mention the flawless looks will have everyone asking ‘Where did you get your nails done?’.

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