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Because Two Colors Are Better Than One! A Color Changing Nail Polish Guide

Having the same nail color all the time can get pretty boring after a while, but what if your nail polish could change colours? (You know, like those mood rings back in the day?) If you’re looking for a fun and stylish way to add more than a single color to your nails at one time, then color changing nail polish might just be the thing you’re looking for! In this article, we’ll be talking about everything there is to know about color changing nail polish- including what it is, how it works, and where to buy it. ? 

What is Color Changing Nail Polish?

Color changing nail polish is a tad more special than your regular polish. Depending on your body temperature or whether or not you’re under direct sunlight, the color of the polish will change. Instead of viewing color changing nail polish as one set color, think of it more as being a range of different shades- all of which are achievable depending on how cool or warm you are! The change is also reversible! 

How does Color Changing Nail Polish Work?

There are actually two different types of color changing nail polish, thermochromic and photochromic.

Thermochromic Color Changing Nail Polish

Thermochromic color changing nail polish is dependent on temperature (thus, “thermo”); these types of polish contain special kinds of pigment, which undergo a chemical change every time they are exposed to a hot or cold environment- these changes result in a color change.

Photochromic Color Changing Nail Polish

Photochromic color changing nail polish changes colors depending on the sun (thus, “photo”), or more accurately, the sun’s UV rays (yes, the same ones that can cause skin cancer!). This type of nail polish contains a special type of photochromic compound, which changes chemically when exposed to UV rays; these chemical changes ultimately result in a perceived color change by the human eye. When you step away from the sun and there are no more UV rays, these photochromic compounds go back to their original state, and in doing so, they will also go back to their “original color.”

Color Changing Nail Polish Recommendations

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish

Del Sol is not your average Nail Polish; it is the wonder in the sun at your fingertips! Every time the sunshine touches your Del Sol Nail Polish, you'll feel like a million bucks as the party entertainer or the walking conversation piece.!

Never heard of Del Sol? Well that’s probably because they’re not a mainstream nail polish company! But don’t let that fool you, Del Sol sells some pretty mean color changing nail polish (they do specialize in color-changing products after all)! ? Del Sol offers over 30 different shades of color changing nail polish- metallic, glitter, confetti…you name it, the probably have it!

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish

Have some fun with your nails with Ruby Wing’s Color Changing Nail Polish! Dedicated to celebrating color in all its forms, our polish is both vegan and never tested on animals.

Ruby Wing is a nail polish company that specializes in color changing polish. They offer many color collections, all of which change colors in the sun using UV light technology. As an added bonus, their products are also vegan, environmentally safe and not tested on animals.

LeChat Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

Lechat Mood Changing Gel Nail Polish

Change your nail color with your mood, literally with Lechats Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish! Whether you feel “hot” or “cold”, your nail language says it all!

Looking for something more durable? How about some color changing gel nail polish? Temperature activated, Lechats Mood Color Changing Gel Polish is available in over 40 different colors! Like any gel nail polish, it will need to be cured under a UV light. You’ll be able to change the colors of your nails with your mood, literally!

BMC Thermal Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

BMC Color Changing Gel Nail Polish - Master Set of 5

The Awakening Master Collection is here to excite and brighten up your blah nails! These 5 gel lacquers are thermal sensitive and change colours when exposed to heat.

BMC is another nail polish company which offers different types of color changing gel nail polish. One thing that we love about BMC is how it’s super affordable- you can snag a set of 5 for ~$27 on Amazon! Online reviews on their products are also positive so that checks out! ?

Gellen Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

Gellen Color Changing Soak Off Gel Nail Polish

Enjoy the fun! Gellens UV Color Changing Gel Polish transforms into a fantastically new shade in the same color palette depending on your temperature!

Gellen offers a variety of different soak off color changing gel nail polish. Made from environmentally friendly ingredients, their products are non-toxic and low smell. Personally, the best thing that we love about Gellen is that their products are super easy to take off! No more removal damage, just soak off your nails for a few minutes and you’re done!

Concluding Words

Don’t miss out on the color-changing trend! Why settle for a single nail color when you can have something much more dynamic? With all the different color changing nail polish available, surely there’d be one that would match your unique style and personality! ?

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