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5 Facts About Shellac Nails That You Should Know About

Ask any gal and she’s probably heard of shellac nails, but how much does the average lacquerista really know about these fancy manicures? In this article, we’ll be going over 5 different shellac related facts- how many of them do you know about? 🙂

Shellac nails

1.) Shellac Nails Have Nothing To Do With Bugs

You might be thinking, “What are you talking about? Bugs?!” Allow me to explain. You see, Shellac is actually a type of resin that is secreted by a female beetle called the lac bug. This Shellac resin is also used in many beauty products, such as nail polish. BUT don’t worry, the Shellac polish by CND and beetle shellac resin are not related in any way- Shellac is only the company’s trade name for the product.

2.) There are Fake CND Shellac Products Out There

With a bottle of CND shellac polish at $15 a pop, it almost doesn’t seem all that surprising that fakes have been popping up on the internet. Our number one tip to avoid fake CND Shellac products? Check the serial code on the bottle! All authentic CND Shellac Nail products have a serial code etched onto the bottom- if there’s nothing written, it’s a fake. And of course, as with most things- if it seems too good to be true then it probably is! Ebay has a well written guide on how to avoid fake CND Shellac polish here.

Fake shellac nails

3.) Do Not mix Colors For Your Shellac Nails

Each CND Shellac color is uniquely formulated to allow for proper curing with a UV lamp. A little about the curing process- when you apply a coat of Shellac onto your nails, it actually forms a film on the nail bed; when this film is exposed to UV light, it reaches full cure and firmly adheres to the natural nail. This is what we want to happen, for the shellac polish to firmly adhere to our nails. ✨

But if we were to say, mix two different colors together, the curing process would be compromised as the precise ratio of reactants in each formula would be skewed. In other words, there’d be a high possibility that it might not cure or dry properly! Though with there being over 90 different CND shellac colors available, there really isn’t a reason why we should be mixing colors together in the first place. 😉

4.) Shellac Nails Should Always Be Cured Under a UV Lamp

If you’re looking to do your own shellac nails at home then what you want is a UV light. CND Shellac products should always be cured using a UV lamp, not a LED lamp! While Shellac products are not compatible with LED lights, UV lights are compatible with other gels so I’d like to think that they’re worth the investment. 🙂

However! Having said that, there are salons out there that incorrectly use LED lamps for shellac manicures. If you get your shellac manicures done at a salon, it may be a good idea to pay attention to what kind of lamp they use on your nails- if they’re using a LED for your shellac manicure, I’d question their knowledge and certifications (and probably not go back to be honest!).

Shellac Nails UV lamp

5.) Always Remove Shellac Nails With Acetone

You may already know this but it’s important so I’ll be including it anyways. ? Remember to never ever try to peel off shellac polish from your nails…you will end up damaging them! The key to removing shellac nail polish is acetone. The first thing you’d want to do is to buff your nails- this helps to gently remove the top layer, which allows for greater penetration of the acetone into the polish. This buffing step saves you a lot of time! You will be sitting there for a while if you opt to remove it without buffing your nail first. After you’ve buffed it, you’d want to wrap each nail with a acetone soaked cotton ball for 15-20 minutes. Shellac nails are pretty and long-lasting, we wouldn’t want to ruin your nails by removing it improperly!

For more information regarding removal of shellac nails, click here!

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