Tweexy Nail Polish Holder Review: A Better Way To Paint Nails?

Tweexy, the New Way to Do Your Nails

Try Tweexy for the easiest way to do your nails no matter where you are. It is tough enough to paint your nails perfectly smooth without making a mess. You should not be struggling to find an easy to reach spot to put the nail polish and you should not be struggling to open and close the cap. With Tweexy you can do your nails much easier and save your nail polish from drying out if the bottle is too far to cap again.

What exactly is Tweexy

Tweexy nail polish holder

Tweexy looks a lot like a ring. This ring like nail polish holder is made of 100% silicone rubber that provides a soft but firm fit around your fingers and around the bottle. Tweexy is available in three gorgeous colors; bonbon pink, sapphire night (with glitter!) and spa green and is incredibly durable.

How to use Tweexy

You can slip the Tweexy ring onto any two fingers because it is completely adjustable for a comfortable fit. You can also slip in any size nail polish bottle because the top of Tweexy has adjustable wings that you can even flex upwards for different shaped bottles. Once the Tweexy is on your fingers, you simply slide your nail polish bottle inside and adjust according to the best fit. Tweexy fits snug enough around the bottle to allow you to open and close the cap with one hand. If your nail polish is almost finished, you can reach the very last drop by simply tilting your hand.

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

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Paint your nails anywhere!

With Tweexy you can paint your nails anywhere. You can sit in the car and do your nails, on a couch in front of the TV, on a bus or a train or even paint your nails while standing. You get a much smoother nail job because your nail polish is always within reach and close to your fingers. No more blotched nail jobs when your brush gets dry or when you are struggling to open the bottle with two hands and no more spills or spotting on your beautiful carpets.

Tweexy makes life easy

The rubber silicone is incredibly durable and to clean your Tweexy, you can simply wash it in water and soap. Tweexy is also small enough to fit into your purse or makeup kit and incredibly light. You can take it anywhere you go and enjoy beautiful nails at all times.

A perfect gift

What girl wouldn’t love a gift like this? Tweexy is suitable for ages 12 – 90 and is a perfect small gift for a special friend or family member.

Since the dawn of consumer brand nail polish, we’ve all had some very basic options for painting our own nails. Sure, you could go to a nail salon, and that’s a treat. But, it’s not always practical. For most of us, sitting at a table is a must. I’ve tried being a rebel only to inevitably spill my nail polish on the bed, dashboard, couch, and my lap. Yes, those were dark times. I was starting to feel a bit discouraged until this wearable nail polish holder came along. It seemed like a poor combination with my fumbling nature, but things turned out a little on the plus side.

My first thought was that I would curl up my hand and spill the polish everywhere. Then, memories of knocking over bottles on flat surfaces flashed through my mind. Being the type of person who will put on a pair of glasses and then forget where I’ve placed them, you’d be surprised how clumsy I am. I’ve placed my polish on perfectly smooth tables, forgotten, and returned to a steeping mess. So, you’d forgive me if I had my doubts about Tweexy’s nail polish holder. Luckily, I overlooked one habit. When I paint my nails, I tend to keep my hand spread out! Who would’ve noticed that? Although this wasn’t the cure to my messy nature. I found myself a natural born pro with this new nail polishing wearable.

Now, I’ll admit that I have allergies. Nail polish has a knack for feathering a sneeze or two out of me. And for that, I was terrified. I wasn’t sure if I would grab my face in a last ditch effort to shield the world from my gales of mucus. Then, I realized I wasn’t about to jump on that grenade in the comfort of my own home and dialed things back a bit. I could sneeze into my own should if anyone was around, and that was okay.

When it comes to spills, I did have some problems. My hands aren’t perfectly level when I paint my nails. I blame my father’s side of the family, but that’s beside the point. Using a full bottle of polish for too long was a bit of a strain on my wrist. Not to mention, my left hand will lock up sometimes. That’s probably from playing the violin in middle school. I thought there was nothing worse than getting a hand cramp until I got one with nail polish resting atop. Thankfully, Roxy there to wrest away the bottle before I flung it across the room. I’ve since been working on my technique. Whenever I’m not painting my nails, I put the lid back on.

Wearing the Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

The Tweexy fits comfortably on two fingers 🙂

Roxy wanted to help me test out Tweexy’s new wearable because that’s what good friends do. She spends more time at the nail salons than I do, so I made her my reliable skeptic. She found more faults with the product than I could have imagined. Of course, we both had yet to use this new wearable before she threw out her accusations. But, that’s what I love about her. She’s always on the lookout.

Our first real test began with a car ride…

Roxy said there was no way I could give my nails a touchup without smearing the paint. She was sure that removing the wearable mid-drying would ruin my nails. So, we made a food run. I grabbed a bottle of quick drying polish and the wearable nail polish holder. Roxy grabbed the keys, and we went on a 10-minute drive.

When it comes to the art form of nail painting on the road, I gifted. I must be because Roxy hit every pot hole in town, and I timed every stroke perfectly. On a side note, my little wearable held onto my nail polish for dear life! I was worried that sliding the wearable off my fingers would smear my handy work, but it looks like the designers already thought of it. I found two winged tabs on the edges of the wearable ring that opened up the bottom. I quickly lifted the wearable and nail polish off of my left hand and placed it on my right. Wow! Roxy was a tad bit perturbed after she got our iced mochas. But when you bet against a nail polishing champ, you buy the drinks.

Second Trial…

Our next trial run came in the form of us verses gravity. We needed to know how good the grip was on this cup, so we went to the tennis courts. Now, I know most people don’t paint their nails while playing tennis, but it was the best sport for testing how well Tweexy’s new gadget worked. We used a travel size tube of toothpaste for this test because glass seemed a bit dangerous. For those who have doubts, the tube of toothpaste was actually slicker than the glass containers of polish.
The first test involved the usual twisting of the wrist to see what would happen under normal circumstances. Everything checked out, and we had no arguments. But, Roxy preferred we see what this thing could really do over a friendly tennis match. Roxy wore the nail polish holder this time and made sure it was on her serving hand. The first serve came, and there the toothpaste went. I was a bit discouraged. But as we played on, the wearable nail polish holder remained in place. That was pretty impressive. My tennis racket had no such luck as I accidentally swung it into traffic. It may as well have. I was losing anyway. Roxy won this round, and I ended up having to buy a new tennis racket. On the bright side, my nails were still great.

And then third round began

Round two went to Roxy but the review was far from over. We needed to know if this would pan out in a sauna. So, Roxy and I grabbed our bathing suits and set off for a bit of high stakes relaxation. Granted most people don’t paint their nails in a sauna, we did need to simulate how this would work on a hot summer day. We set our timer to 10 minutes and waited a good five minutes before investigating. Tweexy did a good job designing a ring that holds on in warmer weather. It did slip around on my sweaty fingers, but it held on to the nail polish quite well.

Roxy wasn’t ready to concede defeat and neither was I, so I began painting my nails for an extra five minutes. The nail polish and sweat didn’t mix too well and neither did my allergies. But, the look on Roxy’s face was priceless what I had done. We made our way out of the toxic fumes and gave the wearable a chance to cool down. After a good 20 minutes, we retested the durability of our futuristic gadget. Everything held up perfectly! Once again I was in the lead for this product review.
Now it was time to see if we could truly use this anywhere, so we tried out a local carnival. The task was simple. Roxy and I would try to paint our nails while enjoying a roller coaster ride. We were set to go. I had my wearable nail polish holder and nail polish at the ready. Sadly, the staff said it would be a hazard to paint my nails while riding and escorted us both off the ride. But, we did have plan B. Could we use this in a crowded area?

We set off releasing that noxious odor into the crowd. Roxy and I traded off chasing pedestrians who would rather be nowhere near the scent of nail polish. I have to admit, walking around with polish is fairly new. I’ve never been able to walk around while painting my nails. That part was liberating, but I looked absolutely ridiculous. When it comes to polishing your nails in a raging crowd, Tweexy does make this possible. However, I wouldn’t recommend it because people weren’t taking it well. If you’re curious about walking and painting your nails simultaneously, you’ll find the balancing act tedious. Of course, I’m a klutz. I had no business walking and painting my nails either way. Roxy and I agreed that this feature was cool but needed some improvement.

Next up on the list was customizability. I noticed that this wearable only comes in pink, blue, and green. Roxy noticed my plight and took interest. I was a bit bummed out to see the limited range of colors they offered. It was almost like buying an entry level Nikon dslr where you get two drab colors and one flashy race car. Considering how much it costs, I was expecting more choices. In lieu of colors, it would be nice to have popular characters like Princess Peach, Samus Aran, or Link. Instead they only had bright bulky colors, which I suppose could be redeeming.

What I found good in tweexy’s nail polish holder

So, there were a lot of pros that went with having a Tweexy. The first benefit was that I worried less about spilling my nail polish. I stood almost no chance of knocking the bottle over by accident, and that was a great feeling. It did take some prudence on my part to put the lid back on in between use, but that was a small price to pay.

The second benefit was that it held on to the bottle. I could literally put a bottle of nail polish into the crown, and the little leaves would grip the nail polish bottle perfectly. I could turn my hand upside down and not worry about the bottle falling out. Of course, there were some limitations to that. You wouldn’t want to go swinging your arms wildly.

Another benefit was that you could do your nails in more places than ever before. It’s the perfect solution for a tabletop when you’re on the go. I felt confident that I could do my nails just about anywhere without the mess. The only limitation is that some places aren’t as appropriate for doing your nails (think during dinner with the family).

A huge plus is that this wearable nail polish holder is a first in its class. Other nail polish holders I’ve seen are stationary leading me to wonder, why? With the Tweexy it’s clear. I can toss it in my makeup back and touch up my nails whenever I need to! And to their credit, I’ve never been able to touchup my nails while walking around. That sounds like a great option to have even if I look like a t-rex.

There are some cons

When it comes to cons, there weren’t many. My biggest gripe was the color scheme. I felt it calling out to me, but I’m a bit too old for the neon craze. That being said, it does look a bit cheap. I wasn’t able to do any long-term testing, but the price says I’ll be buying a new one six months from now.
The next con is that I can literally touchup my nails anywhere. However, I don’t think there are many situations where I would just pop open a bottle of nail polish. It’s good to have it around during a silent 5 minutes, but I can’t be expected to whip out the polish in a crowd.
That brings me to my third con. I can walk around and paint my nails (Woo hoo)! Except, now I have to learn how to balance myself while doing a touchup. For me, that’s absolute insanity. I also never realized how difficult it can be to keep one arm up for five or six minutes while I put on a coat. The Tweexy is revolutionary, but I’m not ready to go mobile with my nail painting.

Final thoughts on the Tweexy:

The Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

The Tweexy sells for $14.95 on Amazon

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

Can't wait? Get the Perfect Nail Polish Holder Today

Overall, the Tweexy’s nail polish holder is a well-balanced product. I was able to paint my nails on the go with the first wearable nail polish holder I’d ever seen. And, it was tiny! I could literally throw it in my bag without taking up too much space. It was durable and affordable. I didn’t have to worry about spilling, and I was able to take advantage of down time to touchup my nails. Tweexy took the need for a tabletop out of the equation. This is a great accessory for any nail polish kit because you can easily throw it on and touchup your nails on the go. I think Tweexy got it right with its original design, and it has revolutionized nail polish on the go.

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