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OPI, a leader in the professional nail care industry, is a division of Coty, a global leader in the beauty industry with over 47 brands in over 40 countries. OPI leads the way in the professional nail care industry in over one-hundred countries providing a full array of nail care products and tools for professional use. However, OPI’s commitment to providing for the professional nail care industry goes well beyond professional tools and products with leadership leading the way in the industry. OPI’s current Senior Vice President is the Board of Directors of the Professional Beauty Federation, a co-chairman of the Safety and Standards Committee of the Nail Manufacturers Council of the Professional Beauty Association, and active in the Personal Care Products Council.

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Company History

Founded during the 1980s, OPI began selling a modest line of acrylic based products door-to-door. Towards the end of the 1980s, OPI would extend its line of products to include much more. OPI created several new product lines for pets and humans alike during the early 2000s such as Pawlish and the 2003 Legally Blonde 2 collection. It wasn’t until 2010 when OPI was acquired by Coty, which reportedly made $4.4 billion for FY 2015 with a net profit of $232.5 million. Today OPI proudly serves the professional nail care industry and works to make safer industry standards.


With seven definitive collections ranging from New Orleans to Hello Kitty by OPI, OPI has made a name for themselves. Each collection and formula has well over one-hundred OPI nail polish colors to choose from ensuring that professionals meet the expectations of their clients. The OPI formula is known for its pigment rich lacquers, which are designed to last. Most importantly, OPI’s manicure and pedicure management systems provide an affordable luxury for their consumer base. When it comes to safe, affordable, brilliant colors, OPI is the brand that many professionals chose in the nail care industry.

OPI Nail Polish Colors

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OPI has hundreds of colors to choose from for their nail lacquers, gel color, and infinite shine series. All their colors range from classics to soft shades to bright colors to their designer series giving professionals a wide range to work with. OPI ensures that professionals have all the colors they need to perform their work.

OPI’s Collections

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OPI’s collection of polishes is immersive and brilliant. The New Orleans collection is inspired by the heart of New Orleans and offers a section of festively named colors to match the mood. OPI’s Hello Kitty collection takes inspiration from the beloved Hello Kitty building an exact color scheme to Hello Kitty. OPI also has a Startlight collection that has a glowing cosmic vibrancy to it. The Startlight collection is designed to let nails shine. Likewise, OPI’s Infinite Shine collection is an OPI gel nail polish system that gives nails a unique luminance in 12 shades.

OPI Care

OPI also has care products designed to promote healthy nails and skin. OPI’s Avoplex system replenishes nails, cuticles, hands, and body. Avoplex includes 11 different lotions, creams, and oils that work together to provide a complete skin and nail care system. Alongside Avoplex is OPI’s Avojuice. Avojuice is a line of scented hand lotions imbued with nature’s sweetest side. Avojuice features over 18 different fragrances with titles like Peon and Poppy, Sweet Lemon Sage, and Coconut Melon. OPI also provides its Nails Essentials system for professionals. The Nails Essentials system includes nail strengthener, polish remover, manicure pre coating, ridge filler, base coat, top coat, matte top coat, and much more. OPI’s line of care and nail maintenance products rightfully fits the bill for professionals and non-professionals.

OPI Reputation

When it comes to supplying professionals with the right tools, OPI fulfills its role as a leader in the professional nail care industry. Each of OPI’s systems are designed to work together flawlessly leaving a thick, shiny, long-lasting finish. The end result of OPI nail polish is always durable and brilliant. Not only is OPI committed to providing professionals with a full array of tools and systems, OPI is committed to giving back to the community. OPI is committed to charitable outreach in support of women’s health, education and anti-violence. This brings OPI’s support for their consumer base full circle with their #OPICARES initiative.

The OPI Standard

OPI supports its customer base as the leader in the professional nail care industry. With hundreds of colors for their lacquers and OPI gel nail polish, OPI gives professionals the customizability they need. OPI’s professional care system further builds on their suit of tools with their Nails Essentials system. Combined with their Nail Envy nail strengthener line, OPI’s line of professional products empowers their customer base with nail care systems that provide a superior outcome. As a company leading the way in the professional nail care industry, empowering, and enhancing the lives of women, OPI is a model industry leader.

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