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Where should you keep your prized nail polish collection? In the bathroom? On your desk? In a drawer? Don’t underestimate the size of these small bottles, these things can take up room- especially if you own more colors than you can hope to name! Ideally you’d want to have a special little place to store all of your nail lacquer, but just one question- where?

The answer to that question is of course, a nail polish rack! What better way to store and display your beloved collection, than with a rack that is specifically designed for that purpose?! Yes people, nail polish racks are a thing! In fact, it’s probably the easiest way for you to store your bottles of nail polish- not to mention that it’d be pretty cool to have them all so neatly organized!

But aren’t racks bulky and uncool looking? Well, yes they can be but no one’s forcing you to go buy the uncool, bulky ones! It may come as a surprise for you but nail polish racks nowadays come in a huge variety of styles, shapes and sizes- so why not pick one that would accent your room?

Finding Nail Polish Racks

With so many different choices, which one should you choose? This really boils down to how many bottles of nail polish you own- do you own five shades of every color or do you simply own a few of the basic colors? Quantity matters! You wouldn’t want to get a nail polish rack that’s too big for your collection and in similarly, you wouldn’t want to get one that’s too small!

Oh, but luckily for you we’ve made the process of selecting nail polish racks a whole lot easier! Our aim here is to provide you with the research and information that you need, in order for you to ultimately be able to arrange and showcase your nail polish collection. No more googling around, we’ve done all of the research on the different nail polish racks so you won’t have to!

Storage Equipment for Today’s Laquerista

Impress your friends with your collection of nail lacquer by having them showcased on a nail polish rack! What kind of serious lacquerista would you be if you were to just leave them on the side of your desk or bathroom counter? Just imagine how amazing it’d feel to have an entire nail polish rack filled with different shades and hues of your favorite nail colors- obsessed? No way! Just tell people that you’re highly invested 😉

Shopping for Nail Polish Racks

So where does one go to buy one of these almighty nail polish racks? In stores, nail polish racks appear to be quite a rarity; chances are, you won’t find any for sale at  your local Walmart (unfortunate, I know). Lucky for us there’s the option of online shopping!

A single google search for nail polish organizers would yield you with pages and pages of racks, shelves and stands. Scrolling through the different google images, you’d probably see one or two that you like and could see yourself using for your nail polish collection. But remember, finding an image of a product that you like is just the first step- you’ll still have to figure out where to buy it!

This is where we come in- our goal is to help you to find and buy the nail polish rack that you need.

Pros of Having a Nail Polish Rack

Safe Storage

Remember that nail polish bottles are typically, made out of glass! (And broken glass is usually bad news for most people) By storing your nail lacquer on a secure and organized rack, the chances of bottle breakage is minimized.

No more missing bottles 

You’re probably familiar with the frustration that comes with losing an item. My roommate my pink nail polish again?! Nail polish costs money, no doubt about that. One misplaced bottle costs on average at least $10. But what if you had all your nail polish organized neatly on a rack? That’s right- there’d be no more missing bottles!

Keeps your nail polish bottles upright

I’m sure we’ve all had the unfortunate pleasure of having to clean up split nail polish at one point or another- not fun! To prevent this affliction from happening, nail polish bottles should always be kept and stored in an upright position (as I’m sure most of us do). But wait, what’s to keep it from being knocked over? One clumsy nudge is all it’d take for your desk to be colored with a splash of nail polish (assuming you were in the middle of painting your nails).

By using a nail polish rack, your bottles are reinforced in the upright position- this means a lesser chance of spills, mess and wastage!

It makes a vibrant display

Nail polish racks don’t have to be all about storage- change your perspective a little bit and they can also be viewed as vibrant displays! Such a colorful display would add to the decor of any room!

Frees up drawer space 

Let’s face it, nobody has unlimited space to store nail polish (though one can wish!). Sure, maybe one or two bottles can go in a drawer, but what if you have 10 or 20 bottles? Space can be oh, so precious (as I’m sure most of you’ll understand)! It’d be quite impractical to fill your drawers up with nail polish- I mean, what about the other stuff that’s supposed to go in there?

What to Look for in a Nail Polish Rack

Naturally, you’d want to choose and buy the nail polish rack that’s the most suitable for your needs. One has to be a smart consumer, right?! Here are some of the things that you should consider when deciding on such an item:

The number of bottles it can hold

Definitely consider its storage capacity! Why buy a rack that is only able to store 5 bottles when you own over 10? You want to buy a practical nail polish holder that’d be able to contain your entire collection (with room for future additions, of course!)

Style and shape

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a nail polish rack can be oh, so much more than just a piece of storage furniture. Ideally, you’d want one that would adorn the design of your room- one that would be nice enough (when filled) for you to consider a centerpiece 😉 Pick a style that you fancy, and run with it!

Extra storage space for accessory items

Nail manicures aren’t all about the nail polish- cuticle sticks, cleanser pads, top coats, base coats, etc are all just as important! So, to make our lives a little easier, why not have everything stored together? Many nail polish racks also come with extra storage space for such accessories- talk about practicality!

The material it’s made from

Nail polish racks are available in a wide variety of different materials including: metal, wood, acrylic, plastic…you name it! As far as which one you should be getting, well that’s ultimately down to preference!

Metal holders: Tend to have more of a modern look, typically easier to clean

Wooden holders: Sturdy, has more of a traditional feel, goes well with other wooden decor

Acrylic stands: Transparent, easy for you to display your collection

Space requirements

The size of the actual nail polish rack is important too! Obviously you’d want to pick a size that would be appropriate for your room. If your room is on the smaller side, you’d want a smaller rack and vice versa.

Overall value for money

Finally, you want to get the most value for your money (who wouldn’t?)! Make sure it’s made from high quality materials- you wouldn’t want it collapsing the second you place your collection on it! Remember to research and read reviews on the product! 🙂

Different options available

Nail polish storage products come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular products include:

  • Nail polish racks
  • Nail polish wall racks
  • Nail polish stands
  • Nail polish bags
  • Nail polish Caddy

Nail polish racksThese are one of the most common types of storage units for nail polish and beauty accessories. They are made from various types of materials. Many are made from acrylic which gives you a better view of the bottles stored in this holder. Some are also able to rotate- how cool is that!

Nail polish wall racks Nail polish wall racks are the way to go for those of us with smaller amounts of space! They take up less space than many of the other holders and can be attached to a wall or other flat surface.

Nail polish stands – Looking for the most elegant way to display your bottles of nail lacquer? Try  a nail polish stand! These nail polish stands are designed to display your collection of nail polish in the best possible light.

Nail polish bags –  Not a fan of showcasing your nail polish? Not a problem! Nail polish bags are a more discrete way of storage- use them to keep your nail polish securely in one place!

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