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Acrylic Nail Polish Rack Buying Guide

If youre someone who collects a lot of nail polish – and who doesnt? – then theres no doubt that those colorful little bottles are strewn-about in cabinets and cupboards, and theyre driving your roommate/husband/parents absolutely mad. The truth is; not only is it just smart to organize your bottles with a bottle rack, but its also fun to put all those colors on display and be organized enough so that you can find the right color that youre looking for right when you need it. Available in an array of materials, shapes, and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect option to suit your needs. From the modest tabletop display, to a towering wall piece, we’ll cover a number of nail polish racks to equip you with all you need in order to make a sound decision.

This guide is going to show you the top 7 nail polish racks that are on the market. These 7 racks are diverse, and theyre the ones that customers love the most because they help you to get organized and they look great.

So lets gets started. 

Why You Should Use a Nail Polish Rack

Nail polish opens the door for creative expression, giving anyone the right to feel beautiful and pampered. Whether you’re an avid collector of a wide spectrum of nail polish reserved for do-it-yourself nail art or if you’re a professional beauty technician, salon or spa owner (and everyone in between), there are a million ways to make good use out of acrylic nail polish racks.

Stylish yet practical, acrylic nail polish racks are a fool-proof solution for easing the mind-boggling confusion sparked each time you have to scrummage through piles of dozens of nail polish bottles just to find the perfect shade. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have the ideal organization option. Display personal collections in a neat progressive rainbow pattern to easily spot the shade that’s screaming out for you to use.

Salon owners and professional beauticians display nail polish options in a beautiful wall rack for an effortless way to attract new clients. Seeing a sprawling arrangement of beautiful nail polish colors is like a magnet to passersby. It’s hard to resist a melodic arrangement of vibrant nail paints placed in the perfect location.

Avoid the unsightly confusion of crowded drawers, cramped cabinets, and mystery containers full of scattered and abandoned beauty products. Instead, incorporate a small scale stackable acrylic nail polish rack with lower drawers to keep vanities and dressers looking presentable. This way, with just one organizational piece, you can keep a variety of nail polish bottles and the accompanying accessories just an arm’s reach away.

Manufacturers have configured each row of nail polish racks to fit a number of nail polish brands in an assortment of shapes and sizes. From smaller bottles like Sally Hanson’s .5 fl oz. nail polish collection to larger options like OPI’s uniquely designed bottles, a simple scan of the nail polish rack’s specifications will let you know how to choose an option that suits your needs.

Nail polish wall racks enhance the overall appeal of a professional space. Clear acrylic nail polish racks are a universal option that seamlessly blends with any style of décor. Add a touch of simple elegance to the every corner of the salon. Greet guests with a vibrant display as soon as they enter. Due to the economical nature of most acrylic racks, adding a second (or third) display elsewhere won’t break the bank.

Why Acrylic Nail Polish Racks are Superior

“Acrylic” defines any product made from some form of acrylic acid or related compounds. Typically, nail polish racks made from acrylic are a clear form of polymethyl methacrylate plastic that resembles glass. Many people prefer acrylic products over glass counterparts because they offer the same appeal without the fragility and temperamental qualities.

Acrylic products are classified into two categories: extruded and cast acrylic. Extruded acrylic is made by pushing liquefied plastic through rollers which form the heated material into sheets. It’s inexpensive to create, leading to a variety of low-cost nail polish racks. For an inexpensive option, choose an extruded acrylic nail polish rack, but remain mindful of possible downfalls. Although you’ll save a few dollars, extruded acrylic sheets are much softer than cast acrylic. Aside from this, they scratch and crack pretty easily, something to consider when selecting the perfect option for your needs. Even still, extruded acrylic is the most common form found on the market. As long as the display won’t be put through a lot of trauma, it’s still a great option.

On the other hand, cell cast acrylic is the better quality option, making it more costly. To create these products, single sheets are made using liquefied plastic and a glass mold. Gradually heating until the sheets are formed, this results in a stronger finished product. You’ll usually find cell cast acrylic in sturdy pieces that require shaping or a machine finish.

Impact resistant, lightweight, and durable, acrylic nail polish racks are sure to withstand the tests of time. Unlike glass, they won’t discolor or start to break down with prolonged sun exposure. Some people tend to confuse the discoloration and brittle qualities of plastic with that of acrylic but, when properly cared for, acrylic is sure to look new for many years to come. The life of the product depends on the type of acrylic used and its initial construction. Some cheaper acrylic nail polish racks may only depend on glue for its assembly, others show rugged edges and unfinished hinges.

For the most durable product, keep the nail polish racks away from heat sources and open flames. You don’t want to risk releasing toxic fumes if the product is melted. If the time comes to clean out the nail polish rack, all you need is warm soapy water and it’ll be good as new in a flash.

Popular Acrylic Nail Polish Racks

Bella Multi-level Nail Polish Organizer

Made from high quality acrylic, this tiered design is perfect for housing an entire nail polish collection. Capable of holding up to 40 standard size bottles, the layered construction makes it simple to view all of your options at once. With multiple compartments fashioned out of sturdy acrylic, this tabletop option is perfect for dressing rooms, vanities, or bathroom counters. For even more storage ability, use this in combination with the Bella Nail Polish Accessory Organizer to keep all of the essentials in one spot.

Home-It Nail Polish Holder

This acrylic piece is capable of comfortably fitting 12 round or square nail polish bottles on each of the five tiers, totaling a 60-piece display option. If adding in smaller sample bottles, you’ll be able to fit even more on each row. Stock up on your favorite colors from Sally Hansen, Revlon, L’Oreal, N.Y.C., Essie, OPI and so many more. Don’t be discourage by its superior storage ability, this piece utilizes a minimalist design which doesn’t intrude on your existing décor. Although the display photos shows a screwed assembly, this nail polish rack is a common favorite because it comes already assembled. As soon as it’s delivered, the simple mounting instructions makes it easy to begin enjoying this product’s fantastic design as soon as possible.

Invisible Nail Polish Rack

Enjoy the highest quality of clear acrylic fashioned into a stunning shelf display. The durability of 5mm thick acrylic is something that many people can’t resist. With absolutely no required maintenance, your closet, bathroom, or bedroom can be transformed into a tranquil setting that’s ideal for nail art inspiration. Constructed as a solid single piece, you don’t have to worry about joints, unsightly glue residue, or any assembly. The endless design makes it simple to pair pieces for a longer nail polish wall rack.

As the fashion and beauty industry continues to expand, and people are presented with even more products to express their creativity and fashion sense, you’ll find more reasons to need reliable storage and organizing solutions. There are so many different nail polish racks to choose from. Large and small. Shelves and stackable drawers. Standalone, wall racks, and countertop options. You’ll probably enjoy the simple storage solution so much, your nail polish collection is likely to double. That’s perfectly ok, when it comes to nail polish, you can never have too much.

Nail Polish Table Rack Display (Hold Up To 60 Bottles)

This gorgeous, sophisticated, and simple rack can hold up to 60 bottles and its made of pure acrylic. This is the perfect nail polish rack to sit on your counter, and it features a stadium-style design that allows you to organize your nail polish into rows. The heavy duty clear acrylic will not tarnish, and the clear design perfectly highlights the colors of your nail polish. The rack is designed to suit all the most popular brands, such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and so much more. With six rows, youre going to fit a lot of bottles in here, and you can easily organize them by color! The display is easy to assemble and also makes a fantastic gift. Beauticom is really a name that you can trust when it comes to nail polish display racks, so you can be sure that when you go with this name brand you’re getting a product that you can really depend on.

Ike Design Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes

Ikee Design offers customers this unique and versatile nail polish and jewelry hybrid display case. Its a two-piece set that allows you to display nail polish on the top, while holding jewelry and cosmetics in the drawers below. Its made from the highest quality durable clear acrylic so that you can easily see everything that is inside the cabinets, helping you to find what youre looking for with ease. The removable black mesh padding inside is there to help you to protect your jewelry, and the drawers are completely removable and slide out smoothly. This is the perfect solution for those who would like to store everything in one place and in one beautiful box that is durable and gorgeous.

Universal Nail Polish Holder See-Through Counter Case Polish Storage (48 Bottles)

This unique nail polish holder and see-through counter case stores up to 48 bottles of polish and is a fantastic space-saver for salon or home use. MAKARTT® is a name that salons have always trusted, but as women are collecting more bottles at home, it increasingly makes sense to buy a box of this caliber to help them to store all those bottles. Compared to a nail polish rack, the design of this box is dust-free so your nail polish bottles will never be tarnished in any way. You can store this box either horizontally or vertically, and that makes it a tremendous space-saver. This is a totally awesome girl gift, and youre going to love how virtually every brand of nail polish is going to fit in this case. There are also adjustable dividers so that you can even find room for tools like brushes, files, and so much more.

Acrylic Nail Polish Wall Organizer & Beauty Care Storage Rack

If youre a serious collector of nail polish then this display case is the answer for you. Able to store up to 100 bottles, this is the ultimate storage tool for any salon, or just the girl who has a nail polish fetish. The top row of this display case is also doubled in height so that you can store polish remover, nail kits, and so much more. The design of this rack is inspired by professional makeup artists in terms of its durability and functionality. This high quality organizer is going to help you to feel like a pro day after day, while helping you to stay organized so that you can find exactly what youre looking for. Simple and functional, this is the perfect rack for the girl who wants to create her own personal salon or spa atmosphere for herself. Its easy to mount and easy to use, while being designed to visually stimulate and highlight your beauty products.

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