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For nail art fans, it is a given that they will have a huge nail polish collection that might not even fit in Hermione’s moleskin bag. So just like clothes that are left in disarray in closets, nail polishes end up piled onto a heap of clothes or stashed away in drawers and cabinets. A search for the tea-pink shade means you have to organize a scavenger hunt just to locate it. But here is when nail polish racks come to the rescue.

With all the pretty bottles counted and accounted for and each in its own place, a simple scan of the rack will be enough to locate the color. Nail polish racks are not just for nail art enthusiasts, they are for every person who cannot be bothered with keeping track of things. With this habit, an everyday task of nail painting becomes a chore and the chore soon becomes a drag, and the nail color you thought was lost or finished, turns up a year later from under the mattress, all dried up.

Like we have files to categorize our paper graveyard, nail polish racks are an equally wonderful piece of craft organizer that sort your life out while sorting out your nail polish bottles. All you have to do is invest some time in rounding up your vials and organizing them. And the next time you need to use the polishes (which is pretty much the next day), you will be glad you did it.

So here is what you need to know about nail polish organizers, the type that will go with your collection, the material that will accentuate your little vials and the style that will most suit your room décor, so that you are good to go. Read on!

Types of Nail Polish Racks

Just like nail color, nail polish racks also come in all forms and sizes and vary in material as well. It can become overwhelming to choose the best fit for you but the task becomes comparatively easier once you know all there is to know about these racks.

Based on the material they are fabricated from, nail polish organizers can be of three types:

  • Metal Racks

  • Acrylic Racks

  • Wooden Racks

  • Metal Racks

If you want a rack that lasts long and is sturdy, then a metal rack is the one to go for. With many designs available to choose from in the market, you can select the one with metallic swirls and wrought iron carvings. This will be a classic rack to hold on to and might be the last one you will buy because it is more durable than the rest. The downside is that you will have to maintain it carefully so it doesn’t rust. A pristine clean metal nail polish rack is beautiful to look at and will make a great home for your nail colors.


Acrylic Racks

If you are the sort who likes minimalistic designs, then this is the rack for you. Acrylic racks are clear and lightweight and are not as heavy as metal or wooden racks. They are easy to hang and their transparent design makes your nail polishes look bold and beautiful as they strike out. You can even add your own creative flare to this stand by cutting scrapbooks, printed paper or wall paper and sticking it at the back of the stand.

The customization along with your nail colors will reflect your unique personality and this will also make a great addition to your room décor. So if you are up for some personal touch, look no further than the acrylic racks. However, be vary of the cheap ones in the market. Low quality acrylic racks will soon start creaking and cracking and can damage your bottles as well if they fall apart. Another downside is that in some acrylic racks, you will be able to see glue sticking out from the joints since the rack is transparent. But once you set your nail polish collection on it, it will no longer be visible.


Wooden Racks

Wooden racks are for those who want the sturdiness of the metal rack and the simplicity of the acrylic rack. However, these are heavier than the latter. If you are the sort who likes a vintage theme, you might be able to find one to your liking from the array of wooden nail polish racks available in the market. These are also robust and long-lasting and will make a great place for your nail polishes to stay put and organized.

Now, we will look into nail polish racks categorized according to style. Depending on the bulk of your collection, you can choose the one that calls out to you the most.


The mini-cabinet type

This type of nail polish rack is neat. You can fix a cabinet on the wall and stow your nail polishes away in it. It will also be easy for you to locate them when you need to.

Shelf type

This involves a shelf, of course, and is similar to the cabinet type except that there are no doors as is the case with cabinets. Your nail colors are in open view and you can easily spot the one you are after. There are no walls or enclosures. This type is ideal if you are a professional who owns a salon business and you want to showcase your collection in a neat appealing way that isn’t an eye sore for your customers.


Nail polish bags

This is an ideal storage choice if you are a girl on the go. A pouch or a tote can make a good nail polish bag but on the downside, there isn’t much degree of freedom when it comes to organizing your colors inside the bag. But all in all, it is a portable nail polish organizer that you can carry around without misplacing your hard earned collection.


The stand type

If you really want to flaunt your collection and make your nail colors pop out loud, then go for a transparent stand type nail polish rack, preferably of acrylic material. This is also ideal in case you are a professional and you want to showcase the brands in an elegant way. Hang and fix the stand on a wall and place your nail polishes in the slots. The finished look is neat and you are able to easily view and access your nail polishes as they arranged in neat rows across the stand.

Be careful in choosing the stand though. A low quality rack will not be able to hold your giant collection and might crack and collapse. Go for the sturdy ones after reading their reviews online.

If your collection is very large, it will be good to go for the stand type that can be placed on the floor instead of buying the ones you will have to suspend in mid air, leaving it at the mercy of gravity and the total weight of your bottles.


The box type

Another simple nail polish rack is a box type or caddy type that has small compartments inside the column of boxes. They are transparent so you can view your colors without inhibition. The subdivisions inside the boxes are a great addition because you will be able to further organize your colors according to brand or shades or however you find convenient.


How to Organize Your Nail Polish Bottles

The list of different types of nail polish racks is exhaustive and evolves continuously. But we have covered the basics. That should be enough for you to start with. Now, let’s decide how you can organize the vials within the racks:


Organizing Nail Polishes According to Color

One of the most common ways to organize your bottles is by arranging them according to shades and colors. You can keep all shades of red in one row, going from bright red to low undertones. You can keep the glitter ones on one side and matte ones on the other and so on.


Organizing Nail Polishes According to Brand

The other way to organize them is to sort out the bottles by brands. Keep the most expensive ones on top if you want to use them on rare occasions. Keep the affordable ones within reach as these are the ones you wear on a daily basis and they will be easier to find whenever the need comes calling.


Other Creative Ways to Organize Your Nail Polish

Now that we are done with a host of nail polish racks and ways to organize them, we can look at other alternative ways you can organize your nail polishes if you are pressed for space. There are numerous handy objects in everyday life that you can turn them into beautiful nail polish racks that can accentuate and compliment your collection. All you need is a little creative spark and ideas will come flying. Look out for containers and storage boxes in your home. You will find plenty of them. Now start putting them to good use. Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Spice Rack

A spice rack is one of the most common kitchen accessories. Grab the one that is not in use. Now start stocking your nail polishes in the pre-made rows and columns. Isn’t that a pretty sight? It looks just as if the rack was made for your beauties.



Caboodle is a common organizer that comes with stationery supplies or other kits. If you are lucky enough to find one at your place, you can stuff your treasures in it and call it an organizer. You can place your polishes in different pockets according to colors or brands.


Cosmetic Pouch

If you have a travel cosmetic case that is not in use, why not utilize it to put your nail polishes in it? You can dab a bit of color on all the handles of your bottles and arrange them in the case. This way, you will be able to tell easily which color is where.


Tiered glass candy jar

There must be one lying around in the kitchen. All you have to do is to start stocking your bottles in it.


See-through Containers

This is a no brainer. Grab one and get down to business.


Side of a bookshelf

If you happen to have a large book shelf in your house, you can utilize its sides for your nail polishes. The combo makes a very pretty sight.


Shoe Box

Paint the tops of your nail polishes and arrange them in the shoe box. All colors will be accessible.


Magnetic Board

If you have a lot of time at hand, stick small magnets on the back of your nail polish bottles, then arrange them on a steel board. This is one great way to arrange your nail polishes exactly the way you want them.


Benefits of Keeping a Nail Polish Rack

The benefits of owning and using a nail polish rack are manifold. First of all, it saves your precious time. You don’t have to dig through your stuff every time you want a nail color to put on. You will also be able to find your long lost nail colors easily. The rare colors in your collection might even inspire you to create some fantastic nail art one Sunday morning.

With a rack, you can free up drawer space, thereby using it for other storage purposes. And the best thing is; a well maintained rack will give you a spa like feeling in your room. Now isn’t that nice? Using a nail polish rack will also prevent damages and accidental spills that can occur with loosely screwed caps. Your collection is secure in these organizers. And if you have opted for a box type nail polish rack, you are ready to move whenever you want to, without the hassle of locating your nail colors and digging them out from every nook and corner of your room.

With that said and done, happy organizing!

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