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Tips on How to Dry Nail Polish FAST!

How to dry nail polish fast!

No matter how much time you’d like to devote to the upkeep of your nails, we all have busy lives. Whether it’s work, school, or family – we don’t have a lot of time to spare. Most of us need to paint our nails quick and have it dry even quicker.

Luckily, we’ve got a few handy tips to get your polish to dry in minutes! Your nails could be done in less time than it takes to read this article. So pull out your nail polish, sit back, and learn some exciting new nail drying techniques.

How to Dry Nail Polish Fastー Before You Begin

Before we start our fast-dry journey, there is one very important thing you can do while you paint to make sure your nails dry far quicker. The secret? Use thin layers! By making the layers of polish thinner you have less polish to dry, therefore taking less time. It also reduces the likelihood of bubbles or ripples on your nail. All in all it’s a win win situation!

How to Dry Nail Polish Fast- Use Thin layers

How to Dry Nail Polish Fastー The Classics

If you asked a hundred women how to dry nail polish, you’d undoubtedly get 99 responses of “just blow on it!” Blowing on your nails is the oldest trick in the book.

Pros: It allows you the freedom to walk around the house without being stuck to one area.
Cons: It is not quick. This is probably the slowest technique.

So while blowing on them might be easy, we can show you much faster ways. You might also hear people say they use a fan to dry their nails. This too is a slower way of drying. Plus you have to sit in front of a fan for it to take effect. Look at the suggestions down below for far quicker methods.

How to Dry Nail Polish Fastー Cool it

A nice cold bath isn’t just for hot summer days. Your nails will love it too! For a quick drying technique, let your nails air dry for a few minutes and then place your fingers in a bowl of ice water. After about three minutes your nails should have set completely and will be ready to go! Just dab them dry with a clean towel.

Pros: It works perfectly and is totally free.
Cons: It forces you stay in one place. It may also be uncomfortable if you are sensitive to cold temperatures.

You can also use your hairdryer to help speed up the process, but make sure it is on the coolest setting. The cold air will set your nails without ruining the shine or finish. This is a good idea to do between coats of polish. It’s fast and won’t get your hands too chilly!

How to Dry Nail Polish Fast- Use Ice!

Pros: You probably already own a hairdryer, so no need to buy something new.
Cons: It can take slightly longer than some of the other methods and you are forced to stay in one place.

When all else fails, you can literally just stick your hands in the freezer for five minutes to get the same effect as the methods listed above. Cold? Yes. Effective? Definitely!

Pros: It’s a free way to dry your nails.
Cons: This is obviously a very cold method and it’s not great for the environment to keep your freezer door open (sorry penguins!).

How to Dry Nail Polish Fastー You can use WHAT?

We’ve already shared some go-to and natural ways to quickly dry your nails. But there are even more wonderful tricks out there you might never have thought of!

Cooking spray is a super-fast method of drying. Just spray a thin layer onto your nails after you’ve finished painting them. This will act as a sealant to keep your polish in place.

Pros: You most likely own cooking spray already, so it’s an easy go-to method.
Cons: It is very hard to keep the spray only to your nails, so your hands will probably get sticky. It is easy to wash off but the texture may make some people uncomfortable.

How to Dry Nail Polish Fast- Spray it!

Another method you may never have thought of is to use an air duster or keyboard duster. The primary function of these products is to get rid of dust, but it works miracles on wet nails. The duster contains heat absorbing ingredients that will speed up the drying process. It also lets out a cool puff of air. As we’ve said before, cool air is a key way to speed-dry your polish.

Pros: It works fast and leaves no residue on your hands.
Cons: A lot of people might not own this product already, so it may take a trip to the store.

How to Dry Nail Polish Fastー To sum up

There are a lot of ways to dry your nails fast. Some are no-brainers, while others might take a bit of extra prep. But hopefully these tips have taken the guesswork out of quick-drying!

Have a good tip? Share it in the comments below! 🙂

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