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Brittle Nails? Turn Them Into Healthy Nails With These 10 Nail Care Tips!

Are your nails frustratingly soft and brittle? Always chipping and peeling? Don’t worry, most of us have been there at some point. Brittle nails can be irritating to deal with but the good news is that, with the proper care, your nails can recover amazingly well! In this article, we will be going over 10 fantastic nail care tips, so read on if you want to turn those brittle nails into healthy nails! ?

Common Causes of Brittle Nails

Frequent Use of Acetone Nail Polish remover

Contrary to popular belief, overpainting your nails does not cause them to become brittle. Acetone nail polish remover is the actual culprit responsible. Notorious for being incredibly drying on your cuticles, frequent use of the chemical over time can cause your nails to weaken and become brittle. For this reason, non-acetone nail polish removers are highly recommended over the acetone variety (they smell better too!). We have a lovely article about non-acetone nail polish removers, to read it click here!

If You’re Guilty of Peeling Off Your Nail Polish

Peeling off your nail polish is definitely satisfying in an oddly weird kind of way but did you know that by peeling it off, you’re also peeling bits of your natural nail off as well? It may be a faster way to get your nail polish off compared to using remover, but at the expense of your nails? Not worth it I’d think! ?

Nail Biting

Nail biting not only damages your nails but it can also damage your teeth! Depending on the severity and duration of the habit, it can cause both temporary and permanent damage to your cuticles.

Over Buffing of Nails Prior to a Manicure

It’s a good idea to buff your nails before a manicure but make sure you’re not over doing it! Every time you buff your nails, they are actually becoming thinner and thinner as bits of the uppermost parts are removed. Too much buffing can cause your nail plates to become weak, resulting in brittle nails.

Turning Your Brittle Nails Into Healthy Nails

Don’t get too down on yourself if you have brittle nails- there are many things that you can do to help strengthen them! In fact, most if not all of the remedies don’t even require that much effort on your part! Okay so without further ado, here are our 10 nail care tips on how to transform your brittle nails into healthy nails:

Tip #1: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Smother your cuticles with a hydrating cuticle oil or cream! Seriously, there’s no such thing as too much moisturizing when it comes to nail care (especially if you have brittle nails). Find an oil/cream product that works for you, and keep it nearby. At your desk with nothing to do? How about a little cuticle moisturizing? Getting ready to go to bed? Grab that cuticle oil off the nightstand- it’s time to moisturize! You’d be surprise what a little bit of regular moisturizing can do! ?

Burt’s Bees: Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Pamper and moisturize your cuticles and nails with Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream! This 100% natural cream will keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go Nail

Hydrate your cuticles on the go with the leak-proof OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil. The convenient tube allows you to take it with you wherever you go!

Tip #2: Be Delicate to Your Nails

This may seem like common sense but if your nails are soft and peeling, be extra gentle with them! Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals and water; having your nails too dry is a bad thing, but having them too wet can cause issues as well. About to wash the dishes? Put on a pair of rubber gloves first! Scraping or picking at things with your nails is also no good, so let’s not do that either. ?

Tip #3: Use a Nail Strengthening Product

Sometimes your nails just need a little extra help. Nail strengthening products work by providing your nails with the support that they need, making them much more resistant to breakage! Personally I’m a huge fan of Nail Envy by Opi– I’m not sure what kind of awesome magic is involved but that stuff really works! It’s also super easy to use, basically you just apply two coats of the strengthener to your nails to start, and then one coat every other day. Or heck, you can even just use it as your base coat! Amazon has it for the cheapest (that I’ve found anyways), for ~$9ish a bottle.

OPI Nail Envy Strengthening Treatment

You wouldn't face harsh elements without a coat, so why leave your nails unprotected? Fortify, protect, and harden thin, brittle natural nails with the Original Nail Envy!

Nailtiques Formula II

Treat your peeling nails with the Nailtiques Formula II Treatment! It helps to promote long, healthy nail growth while strengthening your nails.

Nailtiques Formula 2 is another one that I’ve tried and had success with! I’ve noticed that with this one, you really start to notice the difference in your nails after about a week. It’s just a tad bid more expensive than Nail Envy, at around ~$13 on Amazon.

Tip #4: Don’t Peel Off Your Nail Polish

Never peel off your nail polish no matter how tempting it may be! If you do, you’ll end up peeling off layers of your actual nail along with the polish. This will result in weak cuticles. Always use a nail polish remover (preferably an non-acetone one) to remove the polish!

Tip #5: Avoid Getting Acrylic Nails

If you have brittle nails now, getting acrylics will make them 10x worse. Acrylic nails are known to damage your natural nails over time. Why do they damage your nails? Well, depending on how you get them done, your nails are often filed down significantly before the tip and acrylic are put on. This means that your nails will get thinner and thinner as they are filed down more and more with each redo and touch up. The damage to your nails can take a while to grow out so be careful if you’re thinking about going for acrylics!

Tip #6: Avoid Using Products With Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is frequently found in cosmetic products, including nail polish. What is such an icky sounding carcinogen doing in nail polish, you may ask? The answer to that- it’s used as a nail hardening agent. While that might seem like a good thing (hard, strong nails are a good thing right?), exposure to formaldehyde can be pretty bad in the long run. It can cause your nails to become brittle, not to mention it’s also not all that great for your skin! While most types of nail polish sold nowadays are formaldehyde-free, it’s still a good idea to double check the ingredient list before heading over to the cashier!

Tip #7: Consider Taking a Biotin Supplementation

Biotin is often referred to as the vitamin for your hair and nails. Vitamin B7, as it’s also called, promotes nail growth and is often the supplement recommended for those with weak, brittle nails. While there has only been a handful of studies on its effects, many gals (and gents) have noted stronger and healthier nails after taking it. If you’re looking for something that will help “from the inside”, this is it. You can find Biotin in most stores that sell vitamins as well as on Amazon @ ~$8 a bottle.

Biotin Supplement for Nails

Not only is Biotin good for your nails, but it's also good for your skin and hair as well! Natrol Biotin supports healthy luxurious hair, beautiful skin, and strong nails, in addition to energy production. Speak with your Doctor to see if this is appropriate for you.

Tip #8: Learn How to File Your Nails Properly (Preferably With a Crystal Glass Nail File)

While nail filing is an important step to the manicure process, it’s important that you’re doing it correctly otherwise you’d risk damaging your delicate nails. First things first, if you want to be extra nice on your nails, invest in a Crystal glass nail file– they stay strap and make your edges incredibly smooth! They’re fairly inexpensive (<$10) and are a lot gentler than any metal or emery files. Just don’t drop them!

As for the filing, always file your nails in one direction- slowly work your way towards the centre of the nail. A very common mistake is to go back and forth on your nail (aka- no sawing motion!) with the nail file- not only is this damaging for your nails, it will cause them to chip and break! Never do this, especially if you already have brittle nails!

Tip #9: Consider Nixing the Nail Clipper

Did you know that using nail clippers can actually damage the nail bed? The clipping action actually bends and weakens the nail plate (eeks!), not to mention that it can also result in jagged edges which would make your nails more susceptible to splitting and peeling. If you are a long time user of clippers, you may wish to consider making the switch over to a Crystal/glass nail file. Not only are they much gentler, your nails will also be extra smooth and strong- no more rough edges!

OPI Glass Nail File

Prevent nail chipping and peeling with OPI's Crystal Glass File! The uniquely hardened glass features an everlasting abrasive surface that is permanently etched into the glass.

Tip #10: Keep Your Nails Short

If you have brittle nails, keeping your nails short can actually help (especially if you’re using your hands all the time). Long nails actually tend to be more brittle, keeping them short will help to prevent them from breaking. I know we all want to have long, healthy nails but if keeping our nails short for a little while will help them become healthier then it’s for the better right? You can even apply a layer of strengthening top coat onto your nails for some extra protection!

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