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5 Reasons Why Glass Nail Files Are Amazing!

We all know how important nail filing is when it comes to getting that perfect manicure, but what about the nail file itself? Does it matter which kind you’re using? Well…yes, it does actually. You see, glass nail files are becoming more and more popular in the nail care world- and for good reasons! What are the reasons? Read on, allow us to introduce you to the amazingness that is glass nail files! ?

Why Glass Nail Files Are Amazing – Reason #1

They Last A Lot Longer

Unlike other nail files such as emery boards, glass nail files do not wear out as the abrasive surface is made of glass; in other words, they stay sharp for as long as you use them! No more having to buy replacement nail files every few weeks! Is the glass nail file covered in nail dust? Just rinse it with a little bit of water and you’re set! Buy a good quality glass nail file and I guarantee that you won’t be needing another one any time soon, just don’t drop it!

Why Glass Nail Files Are Amazing – Reason #2:

They Are Much Gentler On Your Nails

If you have a history of brittle or weak nails in the past, then glass nail files are the thing for you. They are gentle, yet effective; the glass surface is abrasive yet smooth to use. Due to their smoother and even grinding surface, they are less likely to splinter or damage your nails during the filing process compared to say, metal nail files. As a result, your nails will be way less likely to peel!

Why Glass Nail Files Are Amazing – Reason #3:

They Are Easier To Use

Since they stay sharp, you really don’t have to put much physical pressure when you’re filing your nails with a glass file. They work almost effortlessly, just gently swipe it against the edge of your nail to get smoothly filed edges. Personally, I just find it so much more easier to shape my nails with a glass nail file- I’m sure others will agree with me on this!

Why Glass Nail Files Are Amazing – Reason #4:

They Are Super Easy To Sanitize

Let’s face it, emery boards are almost impossible to sanitize properly; this makes it the ideal home for bacteria. And when there’s bacteria…there are infections. So why not use a germ-free alternative that’s easy to clean and sanitize? Enter the glass nail file! Made of glass, they can be rinsed and soaped and disinfected to your heart’s content! Simply run it under a stream of warm water (plus or minus a little bit of soap) after each use to keep it clean! Easy!

Why Glass Nail Files Are Amazing – Reason #5

They Are Affordable!

You might be inclined to think that glass nail files are more expensive but they’re actually not that far off from your other nail files. For reference, the OPI glass nail file sells for ~$8 on Amazon while the Sephora glass nail file sells for $10. Not too shabby for something that will last so much longer than your average emery board! You can even get a professional glass nail file set for ~$11 on Amazon. Sure, it’s a tiny bit more expensive than metal files, but I assure you it’ll be worth it! ?

OPI Glass Nail File

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