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5 Benefits of Using a Base Coat Nail Polish That You Should Know About

We’ve all probably made the rookie mistake of skipping the base coat (I admit I never used to use a base coat in my teens ?)- why buy another coat of polish when it’ll just add another step to your manicure right? Wrong! I promise you that applying a single layer of base coat will be worth your time as far as the difference it’ll make for your manicure. ? In this article, we’ll be discussing 5 benefits of using a base coat nail polish.

⚠️Tip: Clear/invisible nail polish is not the same as a base coat nail polish! Base coats are specially formulated for the five reasons listed below ⬇️

Base Coat Benefit #1: They Help to Prevent Nail Staining

By applying nail polish sans base coat, you run a great risk of staining your nails and nail staining can be icky- I mean, no one wants discoloured nails! So what can you do to prevent nail stains? Wear a base coat! Yes, it’s that easy! A layer of base coat is all it’ll take to effectively prevent nail staining. Generally, the darker the polish color, the greater the chance of nail staining.

Base Coat Benefit #2: They Help to Increase The Life Of Your Nail Polish

Did you know that nail polish is formulated to bond to base coats? They’re not actually meant to go directly on your nails! You can view base coats as a “sticky layer” of sorts on your nails; they bond much better to polish color than your natural nails. In doing so, your nail polish will last much longer when applied on top of a layer of base coat.

Base Coat Benefit #3: They Help to Create an Even Nail Texture

We all have tiny ridges on our nails- that’s just the way things are. If we were to apply polish directly onto said surfaces, we’d most likely end up with uneven color texture. The solution? Apply a layer of base coat. Ridge filling base coats are highly effective at evening out your nail texture- got small bumps and ridges on your nail? No problemo, let’s smooth it out with a layer of base coat. Nail polish goes on best with a nice, smooth palette after all!

Base Coat Benefit #4: They Help to Keep Your Nails Healthy

Think of wearing a base coat as having a protective barrier on your nails- it helps to prevent your natural nails from having to be in contact with the chemicals of nail polish. Base coats can also contain vitamins and minerals such as calcium, or hardening agents which can be beneficial for your nail bed!

Base Coat Benefit #5: They Help to Prevent Chipping and Peeling

This last tip goes hand in hand with benefit #2. We’re all familiar with the woes of chipped nail polish, but did you know that base coats are effective in helping to prevent such calamities? By making the nail bed an attractive surface for your nail polish to adhere onto, they actually help to prevent your polish from chipping and peeling!


So there you have it- 5 reasons why base coats are our best friends. To paint your nails without a base coat is to live dangerously (okay maybe I’m being a bit dramatic)! Similarly, top coats are just as important as base coats but we’ll save that post for another day. ?

Do you have a favourite base coat? Share it with us in the comments below!

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