10 Nail Polish Related Facts That You Never Knew About!

I love reading about random facts, whether it be about the British royal family or the cast of Downton Abbey. So I figured, why not write up a list of interesting nail polish related facts? I mean, hey! You never know when a question about nail polish will turn up on trivia night, right?

1.) A Woman in Her 20s Has Been Addicted to Drinking Nail Polish For At Least 5 Years

But wouldn’t drinking nail polish be harmful to the body?! Well yes, but that didn’t stop Bertha from drinking over a bottle a day for over five years! Stating that she cannot function throughout the day without her nail polish fix, she sips, shoots and licks up to five bottles a day! According to her, blue nail polish is the tastiest while glitter nail polish is a close second…but who are we to judge? Click here to watch the video of Bertha.

Bertha drinking her favourite blue nail polish

Bertha drinking her favourite blue nail polish

2.) A Woman From Texas Nearly Died After Setting Herself On Fire From Taking Off Nail Polish

Back in 2015, a 20 year old woman almost died after accidentally setting herself on fire from taking off her nail polish near a candle light. Luckily, her neighbours were able to rush in and save her by putting out the flames, but by then 50% of her body had already been ravaged by the fire. Remember, acetone is an extremely flammable substance and should never be used near an open flame- the fumes can easily catch fire without actually touching a fire.

Remember to keep flammable liquids such as acetone away from sources of open flames!

Remember to keep flammable liquids such as acetone away from sources of open flames!

3.) Nail Polish Was Used to Distract a Monkey From Poking at its Sutures After Surgery

After a Lion Tailed Macaque (a type of monkey endemic to South India) received surgery for an inguinal hernia (which would have been fatal if left untreated), zoo officials had trouble keeping her from tearing apart her sutures. The solution? They ended up painting her nails a bright red color as a means of distracting her from the sutures- and it worked! Curiosity got the best of her and she was immediately drawn to her red nails. She left her sutures in place, her incision healed, and was able to make a great recovery!

A Lion-Tailed Macaque Monkey

A Lion-Tailed Macaque Monkey

4.) The World’s Most Expensive Nail Polish Costs $250,000

Containing 267 carats of black diamonds, this tiny bottle of nail polish made by the Los Angeles based luxury jeweller Azature will set you back a quarter of a million dollars! How’s that for expensive? But don’t worry, if you’re looking for a more wallet-friendly version, they will also be selling a sans diamond version at the department stores for $25 a bottle!

Most expensive nail polish

This fancy bottle of nail lacquer will set you back $250,000!

5.) Organic, Edible Nail Polish is a Thing

Kid Licks offers a variety of different organic edible nail polish made from fruits and vegetables. Yummy! While it was originally created as a toxic-free nail polish alternative for kids, there’s nothing stopping you from trying a little bit yourself! ? You also won’t be needing any acetone nail polish remover to take it off- regular soap and water will do!

Edible nail polish - Kid Licks

The organic, GMO-free edible nail polish in beet red

6.) Neon Nail Polish is Illegal in America

According to the co-founder of CND, neon coloured nail polish is actually illegal to produce in America! Without knowing the reason behind it, some people began to think that neon colorants contained harmful chemical ingredients. But the actual reason for its illegality? Neon colorants have simply not been officially registered with the FDA! According to nail manufacturing experts, nail polish colorants must be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration prior to production however no one has ever submitted any neon shades! Well that explains it!

Thank goodness for imported neon nail polish!

Thank goodness for imported neon nail polish!

7.) Soon You’ll Be Able To Use Nail Polish To Detect Rape Date Drugs

Soon, nail polish could have the potential to save your life. Fittingly named “Undercover Colors,” this new nail lacquer will be able to detect date rape drugs by changing colors in the presence of Rohypnol (“roofs”), GHB (“G-juice”) or Xanax in spiked beverages. With it, women will theoretically be able to protect themselves from the heinous bar scene crimes- by discreetly stirring their drinks with their finger!

Undercover Colors, the first fashion company empowering women to prevent sexual assault

Who knew nail polish could be so useful?

8.) In Japan, You Can Have Nails that Light Up Everytime You Use Your Smartphone

What if your nails lit up every time you used your smartphone? Well, now they can…in Japan! Using a technology called near-field communication, these “LumiDecoNails” are able to transfer small amounts of power to react to smartphones- effectively causing them to light up. Marketed mainly towards younger gals, a set of these LED light up nails would cost about 1200 yen, or approximately ~$11USD- not too bad for “flashy” nails!

LED Light Up Nails...Only in Japan!

Only in Japan!

9.) Weed Manicures Are (Also) A Thing

Did you know that you could encapsulate weed into nail polish? It may just be one of the next crazy nail trends! To achieve this unique look, medicinal weed is carefully crushed into tiny pieces before being encapsulated in gel polish. The result? Nails that are elegantly sprinkled with bits of marijuana leaves. But weed is still weed, so if marijuana is illegal in your area then perhaps having a marijuana manicure isn’t the best idea!

Weed Marijuana manicure

Credit: @orchidnaillounge on Instagram

10.) You Used To Be Able To Rent Luxury Nail Polish Online For $18/month

Lacquerous was a subscription based online nail polish club- they offered women the opportunity to “rent” luxury nail polish for about $18 a month. Three bottles of nail lacquer would be sent for you to use, after which you would send it back to swap for another three the next month. This idea caused a bit of controversy in the nail polish world- was it actually safe to share nail polish? Unfortunately, the nail polish rental club seemed to have closed down after a period of minimal activity. Their website remains to be down.

Lacquerous- the nail polish rental club

A reminder of what Lacquerous used to be

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