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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish – DIY Gel Nails Style!

I blogged about my experience with the Sally Hansen DIY Gel Nail Kit a while back (here for your convenience) but I realized that I never actually got around to writing about how it was to remove! (Btw, If you didn’t read my first post about me using the kit, just know that it’s absolutely amazing.) So here it is.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish – DIY Gel Nail Kit Style

I have to admit, back when I was first deciding on whether or not to go for a DIY at home gel nail kit, the thing that “worried” me most was- “How hard is it going to be to remove all the gel polish after I’m sick of the color?” Well, looking back I really had nothing to worry about since everything turned out to be pretty simple and straightforward. ?

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Remover

Remove your gel nail polish quickly and easily with Sally Hansen’s Salon Gel Polish Remover. Simply let the remover sit on your nails for 15 minutes!

For us clueless folks, the kit actually does come with a set of detailed instructions for removal:

1.) Saturate a small piece of cotton the size of your nail with Sally Hansen Salon GelPolish Remover

2.) Place cotton over gel and wrap tightly with a small square of aluminum foil

3.) Check first finger after 15 minutes. The gel should be lifted up off the nail and easy to push off with a cuticle stick

4.) If necessary re-saturate cotton, rewrap finger and check every 5 minutes

5.) Gently push off gel with cuticle stick (Do not pull gel away from natural nail plate)

Okay…so the first step says that I have to saturate a piece of cotton with the remover. I don’t have small cotton puffs so these cotton pads will have to do!

How to remove gel nail polish - Step 1

The cotton pads were a tad too big for nails so I ended up cutting them in half

After wetting the cotton pad with the remover (you only need a bit to saturate it, btw!), I pressed it against my nail and proceeded to wrap it with a bit of aluminum foil. Though I probably got a little too happy with the foil, judging by how fat and long each of my aluminum wraps looked- whoopsies!

?Tip: Make sure you only saturate the cotton enough to cover your nail, too much and you’ll end up drying out your skin with the acetone too!

How to remove gel nail polish - foil wraps!

This is what your fingers will end up looking like if you end up using too much aluminum foil like me ?

So I covered all my nails in foil and proceeded to stream an episode of Simpsons. Cause what better way to spend 15 minutes? ?

Obligatory Simpsons Screenshot

Obligatory Simpsons Screenshot

After immersing myself in the fictional city of Springfield for 15 minutes, I figured it was probably time to check on my gel polish. Has it come off yet? I took the foil off of my thumb first (well, it kind of slid off itself), and to my joy the gel polish had already been completely lifted off of my nail- it kind of gross but oddly satisfying. All it took was a gentle push with the cuticle stick to get it all off of my nail!

How To remove gel nail polish

The gel polish has officially been removed!

There were a couple of stubborn ones that refused to come off after 15 minutes, for those I just left the foil on for a little while longer. Acetone is super drying so I made sure to apply some cuticle oil afterwards. Gotta give your nails and cuticles a little lovin’! ❤️

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go Nail

Hydrate your cuticles on the go with the leak-proof OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil. The convenient tube allows you to take it with you wherever you go!

So all in all, removing the gel nail polish was pretty easy. You just need some foil, some cotton and 15 minutes to spare. The only iffy thing I’d say about the experience is that the bottle of Sally Hansen GelPolish Remover is so small!! 60mls really isn’t going to last me that long ?

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