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Achieving Gel Nails Without UV/LED Light with Sally Hansen Gel Polish!

UV/LED lights are not for everyone but are we able to achieve the same level of gel nails with the light-less alternatives?  Sally Hansen Gel Polish is one of the most popular UV/LED-less gel nail polishes available, with over 60 different colours! But how well does it work? Let’s find out, shall we! ????

Miracle Gel Sally Hansen Nail Polish Line


Sally Hansen Gel Polish – How does it work?

Unlike traditional gel nails which require the use of a curing lamp, the Sally Hansen Gel Polish requires only two things- your nail colour and the top coat! And to make things even simpler, there are only two steps involved (!!) ???? and these are:

Step 1.) Apply 2 coats of the Gel Nail Colour onto your nails
Step 2.) Apply 1 coat of the Gel Top Coat onto your nails

Miracle Gel Sally Hansen Top Coat

Believe it or not, but the Miracle Gel Top Coat actually activates the curing process! Once activated, all you need is natural light and voila! You’ve got yourself gel nails without the use of LED/UV lights!

Sally Hansen Gel Polish – How well does it work?

Okay, but how well does it work?? Well ladies (and gentlemen?), allow me to answer this question by reviewing my own experience with the product!

The Sally Hansen Gel Polish has always been something that I’ve been meaning to try, so when the twin-pack went on sale one fateful day (for 50% off, can you believe it?), I nabbed it! What’s the twin-pack? Well essentially, it’s the Miracle Gel starter kit- it contains one gel nail colour and one bottle of top coat! They have the twin-pack available in a bunch of different colours, but the one I picked came with Miracle Gel Shade 210- Blue Hue.

Miracle Gel Sally Hansen Twin Pack
With the Miracle Gel, no base coat is needed! The only prerequisites here are clean nails! ????
Upon applying the gel polish onto your nails, you’d notice that it has a fairly creamy texture. It feels a little thicker than normal nail polish, but not too much. The Miracle Gel glides fairly well onto the nail- not too thick yet not too thin. The coverage was not perfectly even with one layer but applying a second coat fixed that problem! (Two layers are recommended, anyways!)

In terms of drying time, it’s not so bad! I’d say my nails were dry within a couple of minutes or so, give or take a bit.

Miracle Gel Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Blue Hue

In terms of top coat, it’s super easy to apply. It might take a few minutes to dry, but it really does gloss up those nails! (Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the thickness!)

Sally Hansen Gel Polish – How well did it hold up?

This is what you guys wanted to know about, right? ????

Now for me, normal nail polishes usually lasts maybe 2ish days at best without chipping. With the Sally Hansen Gel Polish, I started to see minor tip wear at around day 3 (though you wouldn’t even notice it unless you were to examine my hands up close!). And… it lasted around 5 days without chipping! ???? Not too bar for a UV/LED-less gel nail polish! Sure, it doesn’t last quite as long as the ones that require a curing lamp, but for the price and convenience it’s probably worth it.

(Sorry guys, no photos of ugly, chipping nails! ????)

Sally Hansen Gel Polish – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Does not require LED/UV light
  • Takes 2-3 minutes to dry completely
  • Available in over 60 different colours!
  • Does not last 14 days without chipping (in my experience, 5 days)
  • Easy to apply at home
  • Not as thick and volumes as traditional gel nails
  • Lasted 5 days without chipping VS 2ish days with normal nail polish
  • Requires a bit more effort to take off with acetone (compared to normal nail polish)

Sally Hansen Gel Polish – The Bottom Line

While the Miracle Gel Nail Polish does not last as long as traditional gel nails, it does offer chip-less, glossy and shiny nails for ~5 days- which quite frankly, is more than double the amount of time that normal nail polish lasts on my nails. And there are so. many. colours! ???? I own a DIY gel nail kit which only has a handful of gel colours to choose from so to be able to choose from over 60 colours is SUCH A TREAT!

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