Gel Nail Polish

The Gel Nail Polish Difference

There’s no better way to spruce up your appearance than having fresh, bright nails that match your outfit. People notice your hands when you type, write, gesture, touch, or do just about anything. This adds up to hundreds of glances to your nails, which is why women are so conscious of how their hands appear. Plus, it’s just plain fun to have great nails, and salons have learned about this addiction!

Salon nails take time and money as you have to visit the salon, pay them (and leave a tip), and touch them up frequently. When you’re bored, they are often painful to get off and expensive to fill, but they’re seen as a necessary evil because you just want to look pretty.

What’s the solution?

Traditional nail polish isn’t a great substitute for acrylic salon nails, because it often needs to be re-coated and touched up, the polish easily smudge during application and chips afterwards, and it smells strong! Over time, it can damage nails, and it simply doesn’t look as natural. The time and annoyance of waiting for it to dry perfectly can go to waste as soon as a nail is chipped or smudged, as it will immediately ruin an outfit.

Finally, gel polish provides that solution we’ve all been waiting for. You can achieve perfect nails without draining your bank account with this new trend that is quickly gaining popularity with women who want to look fashionable without the annoyance of acrylic nails from a salon or traditional polish at home.

Gel polish benefits

The benefits of gel nail polish are easy to see: they are odorless, so they don’t stink up your house or hands when applied; they feel and look more natural than acrylic nails; and they are thin and flexible. The crystal clear nails are lightweight and don’t lift or peel like traditional acrylic nails. Gel nails will brighten up any outfit and make you feel happy even on gloomy, rainy winter days. There really is nothing like a good manicure to cheer you up!


Gel nails are applied similarly to traditional acrylic nails at a salon. Your nails are first shaped, smoothed, and buffed to reduce any imperfections you might be starting with. The cuticles are cleaned and trimmed for a clean, perfect presentation. Then, the surface of the nail is roughed slightly so the polish adheres properly, a gel polish base coat is applied, and you get to choose the color you’d like on your nails. After that color is applied, there’s a topcoat to keep it looking perfect. In between layers, you dry your nails under a UV lamp so they are completely dry before you leave the salon.

Who can use them?

This type of nail is good for active lifestyles, because they resist peeling, chipping, and cracking much more than traditional nails or traditional polish coats. Outdoor activities and housework won’t damage them, so you don’t have to cut back on your daily activities. You can be active and pretty at the same time!

Gel nails have a great selection of bold colors, since you don’t have to worry about smudging being visible. The smooth polish levels itself to reduce bumps and dries quickly thanks to the UV or LED lights. It will last much longer than traditional polish – often weeks! It even strengthens natural nails and winds up looking better than acrylics or coats of polish.

Cons of gel nail polish

It is usually expensive to get gel nails, but there’s one easy way to get around this: doing it yourself with a UV or LED light machine. You can find a gel nail polish kit to do it yourself at home so you can get fresh nails before a date, wedding, or just to brighten up everyday life.

gel nail polish

Some people find the touch-ups annoying, but there are touch-ups necessary with every type of nail. Traditional polishes require the most touch-ups, because they chip and peel so easily on your natural nails, and acrylic nails need to be touched up every week or two to keep looking pretty, too. Gel nails only need to be touched up every few weeks because your nails are growing out!

Because gel nail polish dries fast, you can go about your day within minutes, and it won’t stink your house up, either. It’s safe and easy to use yourself, and when you compare the cost of visiting a salon for acrylic nails every week with the cost of touching up your own gel nails every few weeks, you’ll find the gel nails actually cost less in the long run!

A home gel nail polish kit is a great investment that will pay off every time you get that coveted compliment: “Great nails!”

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