Welcome to my blog! My name is Alexandra and this blog is dedicated to my passion: following and writing about the gel nail polish industry. Finding the perfect nail polish is both a dream and a challenge for every woman. Nails are a big part of what creates a woman’s image. It’s something that’s very subtle, yet plays a big role in how other people see you.

Less fashion conscious people might not notice your nails; but image savvy people will instantly hone in on them. How you care for your nails tells people how much attention to detail you’ve put to your own image. Great nails add a subtle beauty and sexiness to your overall form.

I’ve been obsessed with nails ever since I hit puberty. I noticed it was something that some girls seemed to care about, while other girls ignored. Invariably, the girls who loved caring for their nails also cared for the rest of their body and looks. We tended to draw a lot of attention at parties and dances, simply because we put the time into caring for ourselves.

I believe sexiness isn’t something you’re born with, but something you learn. It’s in learning how to bring out that feminine brightness, through caring for the little things like your shoes and your nails. While there’s tons of advice out there are about picking shoes, I’ve found very little good advice about nails.

I started this blog because I had such a hard time finding good information about nails and nail polish online. There were a lot of websites out there trying to sell products and a lot of product description websites, but very few websites by real women, for real women.

This blog is designed to change all that. Here, I’ll bring you my personal experiences about what kinds of nail products and nail polish to avoid and what kinds of products to buy. I’ll show you what products will give you that “naturally sexy” (without trying too hard) kind of look that every woman aspires to.

I’ll include tips about how to use nail polish of different sorts, as well as occasional reviews of specific products. All the information you’ll find on this site will be based on my own personal experience or careful research based on objective sources.

If you want to turn heads, if you want to look sexy, if you want other girls to look at you and think “I want to look like her,” then you need to learn how to have fantastic nails. Nails aren’t the only part of the picture, of course, but they’re a big part. They’re the finishing touch that makes the difference between a “good” outfit and one that really jumps out and catches the eye. I want to help you do the latter.

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